Monday, March 21, 2011


This is the assignment that i never finished for the zodiac assignment. I was given the pig, and i had to portray a human and animal version of the pig, while making one good and one bad.

The dude Charlie Gordon is a 1940s Jazz club owner who is basically a big prick. He stiffs his employees their correct pay, he treats women like crap and is basically a huge sleaze ball. The little pig, Tuffy, is his other half, the good half, that rights his wrongs like sneaking around silently swiping money from the till to quietly give employees their correct pay. He also does other good deeds around the club without asking anything in return. The pig cleans up Charlie's messes. Basically Tuffy is the epitome of the good characteristics that entails the pig in the chinese zodiac. He is humble, helpful, caring and quiet.

I was also supposed to do silhouettes for this assignment, which i did, but i didn't end up using any for the pig's design:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


you guys, our transcendental meditation class gets to speak directly with david fucking lynch in two weeks from today.

um. what.

the david lynch foundation is the reason we have the class in the first place, since they gave CCS a grant to study this form of meditation (which has been scientifically researched over and over) and the foundation also funded our class to learn this ancient technique without paying (usually the training and ceremony cost like $800-$1000), which is also all thanks to chelsea richer who came up with the idea to start the class since she chose to do her senior film on TM.

now being at CCS, it's hard to care about a liberal arts class since studios are so demanding and obviously a higher priority, but this class reminds me week after week how amazing and important this subject and the people i'm in the class with actually are. the technique has really changed how i feel mentally and physically, by a surprisingly large amount, and the subjects we discuss in class are all about finding the self and what it takes to get there. so many different perspectives are discussed in detail and it's just an extremely enlightening three hours that i am thankful for every week.

i feel like barfing because i'm so excited. what did i do to have this crazy privilege to meet a film-god?


look. das him.