Monday, March 21, 2011


This is the assignment that i never finished for the zodiac assignment. I was given the pig, and i had to portray a human and animal version of the pig, while making one good and one bad.

The dude Charlie Gordon is a 1940s Jazz club owner who is basically a big prick. He stiffs his employees their correct pay, he treats women like crap and is basically a huge sleaze ball. The little pig, Tuffy, is his other half, the good half, that rights his wrongs like sneaking around silently swiping money from the till to quietly give employees their correct pay. He also does other good deeds around the club without asking anything in return. The pig cleans up Charlie's messes. Basically Tuffy is the epitome of the good characteristics that entails the pig in the chinese zodiac. He is humble, helpful, caring and quiet.

I was also supposed to do silhouettes for this assignment, which i did, but i didn't end up using any for the pig's design:

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